Trading View script positions not showing up in Alpaca paper account

I have a script running in TradingView using pine script. In trading view, I have my Alpaca account linked. My script is buying and selling stocks but nothing is showing up in the Alpaca paper trading account. Is there something else I need to do in trading view other than linking my Alpaca account? Do I need to add something to my script?

I was under the impression that TradingView does not do automated trading, for liability reasons. PineScript exists for backtesting and forwardtesting, but they don’t connect that directly to your broker. You can only use your broker manually in TradingView.

I think there is a webhook URL field you can set on an alert. On a quick search, “tradingview alpaca webhook” yields some code, a video tutorial from Part Time Larry, and some deprecated Alpaca docs. That should do it.