GMS Auto Trade V2 is here!

Following up on my last release to V1.2. i just got done with V2 and now its public for use, if you don’t know what this is be sure to check it out. if your a day trader with under 20K in starting capital and can only buy/sell 3 stocks in a week, then this is made for you. also this is only for windows users!

Not going to use github since the max upload for a file is 600MB, im going to use ‘Google Drive’ for this now and in the future
The new link for V2 GMS Auto Trade :

This can now be used in live trading since it’s working for me.
Whats different
I added the ability to emulate (10 days worth of working data)
most importantly i added a mobile app (all open source)
Comparing price points in Machine learning look at for more info

NOTE: Im not going to be updating with in the year, since i added all this functionality. if you been following me you’ll know why.

if you like what im doing feel free to donate! to my paypal:

Developed by GiveMeSite INC Versioning: V2

Open Source -GPL

Release Notes:
V2.0 - GAMMA Mobile app, and a way to emulate (10 days of data)

V1.2 - BETA some bug fixes to stock_market/LOOP scripts

V1.0 - ALPHA base release

Setting up and testing GMS - AT


Microsoft Windows 7-10 /64bit


CPU: > i3

Network upstream / downstream

30mbps / 30mbps
NOTE: due to the amount of bandwidth required to run the equipment
The server calls for a high bandwidth connection

GMS-AT is an open source server that automates the process of buying and selling stocks, it uses several connections to apis and other providers that are needed to use the server. The server is built on top of the php programming language and uses a mysql db.

You can use the mobile app after the files are copied to the C:/php DIR to set up your accounts
You will need to start the following files found in the following locations, just be sure not to mix up your production and emulation. use different environments for them.
(set this info in C:\php\WWW\Stock_Market\API)
WinNMP.exe -http server
a_sync_apis.bat -finviz api
a_sync_freq.bat -alpha api
GMS auto trade server.bat - The AT Server

For emulations use
GMS Emulator


Accounts required to use server





Finviz Finviz is fine with this connection method (we had emailed them)
Paid service suggested not required



Alpha Vantage

    API key


You can find this in the install dir look for vc_redis.x64.exe
if you are running a new system make sure to look in the OLD dir for any patches for VS

Setup guide

Please look through the following documentation (Most of it is relevant for V2)

Getting Started



Automated Stock Trading Algorithm Release date: 2/26/20

Microsoft Windows 7-10 /64bit




Nice, super cool!

I’m sure there are a bunch of people out there :wink:

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Hi Kris,

Since the license is GPL, can you post the github repo URL.


please read the post i explained why i didn’t up load to git

Will this work with the free version of Alpha Vantage? I am getting the nag of only allowing 5 calls per minute and 500 calls per day.

That’s fine. just use the paid service with finviz, that’s all that matters since the database is filled with prices from them. also keep an eye out for updates.

Just as a good point to be made. if you are going to be going live keep your eyes on the top gainers so you have a idea of how the market is doing.
(Since bill gates said the coronavirus is a “pandemic” we see a decrease in the market on investing top’s id like to see more %30, %40. to use this live. )
what i mean by decrease in the market. you will see most of the top gaining ones, just drop to nothing by the end of the day.
Be-safe, happy algo trading!

Do you want help developing this?

if you’d like to change something to maybe include it in a production update we can talk about it. What where you thinking of doing.?

I don’t know yet. I was developing a Java app, but yours is where I want mine to be. So I could switch gears and move to php. Firstly, I might want to loose it bounds on Microsoft. I don’t like being locked into anything. After that I would look through to the code to see if anything could be improved. Do you have a repo or is all of the code just there in the directory structure? I would guess it being php it is probably all there.

For now its locked to win, maybe in the next 3 years ill be into mac but someone would need to buy me a macbook first lol, with that being said you can get a clear cut understanding of what is going on if you look into the downloads dir. if you have any questions just ask on here so everyone can see and it helps me spend less time with FAQ.

also working on a new way to set risk and gain

I’ll be putting out an update with the following soon, as i discussed before. the update has a way to edit risk and gain settings in the app. you can also now update right from the app, no need anymore to re upload files.
APP changes
Dynamic update system
Gain settings
Risk settings
Insider trading % settings
Setting alpaca paper/live

I live on Mac, but for this I would like to try to put it on Linux. That way it is free for everyone and you just need good strong hardware to run it.

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good point i think a virtual or iso distro would make a good start for the server, i still want that mac book pro

Sneak peek of the next update

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@kris The setup instructions are old, right? The listed files don’t exist in the zip folder.

Setup process (Less Than 1HR!)
Unzip the folder and the contents of php from to your C:/ (dir)
Take the 3 shortcut files and put them on your desktop (as seen in picture 1)
GMS auto trade server.bat

the files you are referring to are in

id like to note this release is outdated but feel free to test (i wouldn’t use this live until the next release )

that should be in july

Sure, I’m just trying to understand what you built. Is it possible to test it with a Paper Trading account?

Did you implement any trading algorithms? If so, would you mind pointing me to their files? Just seeing, if/how I can make adjustments.

Thanks for sharing your project here, by the way!

Yes it works in paper by default but the next V you can change that in the app…



any time i also accept donations !

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