Erroneous "insufficient buying power" message

I keep getting insufficient daytrading buying power messages when not doing day trading, and when there is more than enough overall buying power. For instance, I’m increasing a position in TNA from 1055 shares to 2110, and there is $299,518 buying power. For some reason, the API is returning $0 “day trading buying power”. The original position was opened on 8/1 and the new trade is on 8/7 in the same direction.

Anyone have ideas why daytrading_buying_power on a paper account is always stuck at 0 when I’m not actually doing day trading? This makes it hard to test long/short strategies when I can’t execute orders.

I had a similar problem, were they able to solve to problem for you?

Am getting this error too whilst it shows $68,800.83 Buying Power on the paper trading

any ideas will much appreciated thanks.
Thanks all my trades are GTC

I’ve just set the starting amount to a much higher number–at least 10x what I’m actually using. That way I never run out of buying power.