Day trading buying power stuck at 0

In the paper account API, I keep getting orders rejected because day trading buying power is stuck at 0 even though I’m not actually doing day trading. This makes it impossible to use the API for testing long/short strategies.

Hey @jrn0074

Have you tried resetting your API keys?

If not, what are you trying to trade as well? Is it a specific asset or all assets in your universe? What order types are you using?


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Yes I’ve done multiple API key resets, as well as increasing the starting amount of the account. The strategy I’m building uses only ETFs.

For instance, I might go long half a dozen ETFs on day 1. On day 5, two of them will increase position, and one might flip to short, but the API rejects them all because of 0 day trading buying power—even though there is more than enough overall buying power.