Day Trading Buying Power = 0 on a new account

I’m using a paper account in order to test my strategies and the platform before going live. My day trading buying power is always 0 although I have tried to create an account multiple times and ran it for a couple days. Now my account is a brand new paper account, created outside of trading hours and my day trading buying power is still 0.

Why would that happen? I have researched this forum and found out you had an issue about it that was fixed but for me it doesn’t seem that it was fixed or I’m having a separate issue I don’t get.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Do you have any open positions? Have you tried pressing the “reset” button on the paper trading account?

Hi Steve, thanks for replying!
I had no open positions, and pretty much every day I reset the account because of bugs here and there. anyway now that I kept the account open and active for a couple days I do get day trading buying power of about 4 times my virtual cash.
I don’t know what’s going on exactly I just wanna make sure the issue is isolated to paper accounts.