Daytrading_buying_power = 0


Python 3


Why is daytrading_buying_power = 0 on the paper trading account. I had no open positions and the cash available in the account was over $25,000. It seems like this is only fixed when I reset the account values.

Paper or Live Tradng?

The current days initial daytrading_buying_power is determined by subtracting the last_maintenance_margin from last_equity and multiplied by 4 (these are from the previous trading day). So, if you had held $10,000 of stocks as of close yesterday and had $10,000 maintenance margin (ie they were fully margined), even if you sold those today, yourdaytrading_buying_power` would be zero. Not sure if that’s the case here?

so in the case you said above I wouldn’t be allowed to buy any stock since my buying power is 0 even if I have no positions open and plenty of equity?