Day Trading Buying Power stuck at 0 for new paper account

recently, my new paper account cannot submit any order.
I check my account and found my daytrading_buying_power stuck at 0.
I explore document, it said Every trading day, you start with the new daytrading_buying_power . This beginning value is calculated as 4 * (last_equity - last_maintenance_margin)
but my last Maintenance Margin=0, and last Equity=100,000.
any one know what’s going on???

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Same here! I also get the same error.

Same here, this keeps on happening. Reset the paper account many times to no avail…

@gerbotha The issues in the previous posts were from 1-21 and were the (unfortunate) result of the paper trading environment being reset mid-day. That was a one-off issue which shouldn’t generally happen.

However, this seems like you are seeing this on 2-1-2021? Could you provide more information? What is your account number or email associated with the account? You can direct message me if you wish. I can maybe track down the issue.

Thanks Dan, the issue is resolved. It was due to programming flaw on my side and I assumed it was due to the day trading buying power being 0. I incorrectly based order values from the day trading buying power as opposed to the available equity.