API error: insufficient day trading buying power

Hi, can someone from Alpaca help with my request (110024)?
I sent my issue with a lot of info to support. Support replied with suggestion and requested more info. I replied immediately. Now two days passed, the support said not receiving any reply and is going to close the ticket. So I’m trying my luck here;
My issue is that my account attributes changed mysteriously one day, and stopped me from placing order (things were all fine for nearly a year), the API error is ‘insufficient day trading buying power’. Although my account balance is above 25K for a while but I have never done any day trading.
What I found is that 3 attributes of my account changed overnight:

  • ‘pattern_day_trader’ changed from False to True;
  • ‘daytrading_buying_power’ changed from 0 to 1131.2; (well below my buying power)
  • ‘multiplier’ changed from 2 to 4; (4 times of my equity)
    Please can someone help as the issue will block my buying order.