Cost Basis / Insufficient Day Trading Buying Power - whats wrong?


since yesterday my app spits out some errors that it cant open positions due to insufficient buying power. This is the API response error:

“StatusCodeError: 403 - {“code”:40310000,“cost_basis”:“149898”,“daytrading_buying_power”:“60783.8252”,“message”:“insufficient day trading buying power”}”,

That confuses me big time as my account information shows these values

“buying_power”: “220437.348”,

"regt_buying_power": "220437.348",

"daytrading_buying_power": "60783.8252",

"cash": "-5206.326",

"portfolio_value": "225643.674",

"pattern_day_trader": true,

"trading_blocked": false,

"transfers_blocked": false,

"account_blocked": false,

"trade_suspended_by_user": false,

"multiplier": "4",

"shorting_enabled": true,

"equity": "225643.674",

"last_equity": "175150.71",

"long_market_value": "230850",

"short_market_value": "0",

"initial_margin": "115425",

"maintenance_margin": "173137.5",

"last_maintenance_margin": "100491",

"sma": "3504.364",


According to the docs day_trading_buyingpowr is 4 ( last_equity - last_maintenance_margin) which in my case is 4*(175175.71 - 100491) which is roughly 298K.

So my BP was enough to open the position which said cost basis 149K.

Please someone explain why this happens as I cant find out the reason for it and it really annoys me losing money cause of wrong calculations.


I have the same issue

Paper trading: It started happening to me this morning for the first time:

$195,497.81 Buying Power

Resetting the paper trading account to $100k (new API keys) fixed the problem.