Day trade count 0, account is not authorized to trade


This is a problem even from Alpaca’s own interface.

Alpaca SDK Version
Alpaca’s logged in UI along with V2 API.


I have not bought or sold in the past two weeks. Day trade count is at zero and I’m stuck holding assets in a live account that I cannot sell.

Paper or Live Tradng?
Live trading

Example Code
Unable to sell held stock, even from the UI at

Same happened to me. Best to contact Alpaca support so they can sort it out.

It’s also possible that some of those stocks may be untradable, e.g. I’m stuck holding qty. 1 of HHR as the holding company is in Russia and it’s impossible to sell (at the exchange level) until they lift sanctions.

@terrence.giggy Definitely contact They can handle account specific issues. The forums are best for general trading and technical API questions.