Paper account not authorized to trade

I had a working paper account, then I reset the account and now I can’t even place trades through the desktop platform without generating the error message “Account not authorized to trade”

Is your Alpaca Account linked to TradingView by any chance?

If so, the following steps should fix this issue:

  1. In the 0Auth Apps Alpaca menu, find TradingView and “Revoke” access
  2. Go back to your paper account and reset it again
  3. Generate a new API Key
  4. Try trading, it should work now.
  5. You can reconnect Alapaca to TradingView from here

Unfortunately, this is a bit of a bug we are working to fix. For now, as @lloydland mentioned, even if not linked to TradingView, simply reset the account and generate new keys. Working hard to resolve this issue, but in the meantime that should fix things.

Also having this issue