Confused on getting started

Hey guys!

Okay so I am completely confused. My goal is to participate at some point in algo trading but don’t really know where to start. I have zero expertise in computer coding. Just trying to figure out how this all goes together. Should I hire a programmer to link it all up? Can I just use my TDameritrade api and connect blueshift for auto trading? or is there something better


Hi Chris,

if you don’t have any coding experience it might be best to hire someone. Anyway, if you want to try it yourself there are many free courses on Youtube. Just search for “JavaScript” or “Python” beginner courses to get an idea how complex it might be.

I automated my strategy, which runs on Tradingview through my own custom bot.

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Hey there, I actually made a few videos on getting started with trading API’s and Python. They are meant to be beginner level, but also require some coding experience. There are videos on Alpaca, TD Ameritrade API, Robinhood Private API, and a few videos on backtesting, chart patterns, etc. If you can get a Python environment set up, you should be able to follow along.

Hey guys!

Is it possible to live paper trade for NASDAQ symbols in Blueshift?

Does Alpaca maintain any sort of list of third party programmers who can help build a program to implement an automated trading strategy? I am currently using both Tradestation (Easylanguage and their data), and Multicharts (API to Interactive Brokers), both running the same Easylanguage script. But I don’t know enough about API programming to trust my efforts to reproduce this strategy directly using a data source, and the Alpaca API. It is a simple strategy using 5-min bars, day trades only. I was told that Pinescript and Tradingview cannot be used to automate a strategy, so a custom program with direct API calls seems to be the only solution … if I can find a suitable programmer to hrie.