Google Sheets - My Last Shot At Trading Hope, Can Someone Plz Help?

Hey all.

Amazing community.

Umm, so, I’ve had my fair share of broker accounts in attempts to find very specific trading parameters. They’re honestly not even complex, it’s just, I have yet to find a single unified broker out there that can meet all my needs.

My needs are simple:
-Short / Long order types.
-Market / Limit order selection.
-Take Profit.
-Trailing Stop Loss with a trigger. (IE: “At 5.00% profit, trigger it, to a threshold of -2.00%” so at anytime the market price drops and I am down -2.00%, sell via… market or limit.)
-Stop Loss.
-Fractional Shares.

Literally, so simple right?

Problem is, from InteractiveBrokers, E*Trade, Robinhood, EToro, TD Ameritrade, Webull… the list goes on and on and on. I wasted months of my time signing up for an account with them, going back and forth with customer service, only to discover precisely NONE of these brokers contain ALL of these functionalities. Until I found Alpaca.

Problem is, I’m NOT a coder. I’m a total newb! I’ve tried reading all the documentation, and tutorials, but I’m still pulling my hair out. I want to cry.

All I am trying to do is create a spreadsheet that can fulfill the features I outlined above.

(This isn’t helping, it’s barely scratching the surface of what I need it to do.)

All I am seeing is lines and lines of code, and all this jargon, and it’s making me want to cry.

From any experienced developer, I guarantee it would take 15min of your time to simply set this thing up.

Can someone PLEASE help me do so, or point me in the direction of where exactly I can get help to accomplish this?

My career is trading, I NEED this to work, it will feed my family, and I will be giving to charities and communities, and on the big ol’ wheel of karma, I guarantee my contributions to my 10% of tithing will somehow someway affect you.

I would like to share a spreadsheet link with someone or all of us so we can see it to benefit future people who stumble on this thread, and I would like to have it functioning.

Any advice? Can you help me set this thing up?