Commission not allowed for account


I tried the beginners tutorial at Blueshift using the simple trading strategy that’s provide by blueshift.
Backtesting works fine.
Now I tried live testing with the Alpaca Paper Trading account, but got this error when running the strategy in the Blueshift console.

[WARNING | 2021/01/14, 16:14:01] BlueShift Alert[2021-01-14 10:14:01.097320-05:00] WARNING in algorithm:Error received from API: In module alpacabroker, function place_order, error:buy order for BA for 23 failed: server reports unknown error. {‘code’: 40010001, ‘message’: ‘commission not allowed for account’}, 422

Anyone an idea?..I can’t find any info about anywhere.

Thanks in advance,


I am getting the same error for 2 symbols GUSH and DPST. What is going on?