us_equity orders not allowed for account

Implementation in Python. As the title suggests, I’m getting the error:
“ us_equity orders not allowed for account” as of today. This morning I enabled 2FA, might this have something to do with it? Thanks in advance.

@mea2199 Please drop an email to and we’ll have that fixed for you.

Thanks @givj support sorted it out.

Hi mea2199,
Could you please share what was the reason you got that error, and what did support do to resolve it?
I got the same error couples days ago, and still waiting for support to explain (they said they had to reset my live account in order to fix the issue, but I want to know why it happened, as the problem stopped me from selling my share (not even manually), pretty sad)

Thanks in advance.

Hey Rico, this was the reply from customer support, hopefully it’s helpful:

This is caused by an incorrect flag update when saving the account, indirectly this stop the accounts from performing trades. Unfortunately, in this case, the communication on this is not sent out to the users as the team is still working through the account status that are real and the false positive. I have shared with the team to alert the account when their account is locked out of trading.


Thank you so much, hopefully Alpaca team will find a permanent solution for the issue.
I also did a password resetting and 2FA on that day (due to unable to login the day before), maybe they are related to the issue?
Anyway, happy trading and coding…

I just ran into this error today, so it seems that it is still an issue 2 months later. I also enabled 2FA yesterday, received no notifications that my account was locked out of trading, and only found out when I got the error when attempting to place an order.

I already sent an email to for assistance, but wanted to share since others could still run into this issue.