Issue with crypto trading after account reset


I just reset all my account settings and then I get “crypto orders not allowed for account” error.

The application was working properly just before and every order was going through. Any ideas or hints.


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I also am having this error. Seems to be an outage.

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Hello, also having this error here.
Tried both in the website and the API for my paper account after account reset

Yup. Same here, my account now says “Waiting for approval” In the configuration settings.

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Just to keep everyone up to date.
Issue still happening.
Account shows enable for crypto both in the website and the API under /account
Even when I try to buy in the website I get the message:

Order Not Created

crypto orders not allowed for account

I wonder if that will ever get any real traction with Alpaca support.
It’s very serious for me. I’m starting to learn different APIs from other brokers

Also getting this problem after an account reset

Hi All,

Just so you all are aware, the issue can be resolved by generating a new key again.