Alpaca Displays Extra Money in my Account

Alpaca displays wrong balance in account balance screen (see pic below).

When the page first opens it shows the right balance but then it recalculates and adds an extra $722

Where does the extra $722 comes from?

How can i cash out the extra $722? :slight_smile:


There’s an error in mine too, but I am missing about $2100… maybe they gave you some of mine haha. I have a ticket into support but have not heard anything back. There was an error a few days ago in my account where it was off by a lot more.

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I work in finance for over 25 years. There is a golden rule in the industry - never fu** with other people’s money. Alpaca is yet to learn that the hard way.

Did they solve this for you yet @SpyToTheSky? I finally got a message that they are working on it.

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No they did not solve the problem yet. Today they deduct 2k from my account, probably goes back to you :slight_smile: .

Also i like how in the top right corner on a down day they show my account is 1.18% up! Whoever wrote their back-office must go back to school. And the account infra-day balance chart on the main page is utter garbage. Funny thing is it used to work fine up until about a month ago.

Today my account shown a loss of 2.78% when in actuality i made money.