Equity balances off

My live trading accounts are showing incorrect equity balances both in your UI and in my reports from the API. I’m looking at five live accounts for my business. The errors are in 6 figures.

I’m noticing the same. It appears my equity at the end of the day yesterday is about 10% over what it should have been, then it overcorrected to about 10% below today.

I am having the same issues the balances are all off. The positions I hold and their values seem to be correct but my balance is off by over 3k

also having issues and my equity just dropped like a rock despite none of my positions moving more than 1%

should I take my accounts to cash until this bug is figured out?

Yea, ouch. I currently owe Alpaca 30k somehow.

There should be about $150k in this account.

There is a current issue with the calculation of buying power and equity in live accounts. Our team is feverishly working to resolve it. There is timely updates on our status page Alpaca Status - Incorrect equity and day trading buying power

Apologies for the inconvenience.

It’s more than an inconvenience when you’ve written algos that trade on those values. :rofl:

appears to be fixed. Thank you.