Account balance and equity still wrong

I know there was a thread about account balance and equity not adding up but today I still have issue for the account info I got, the balance and equity stays constant no matter how many times I send the request, this is un acceptable as it affects my algo and it’s been 2 days, please fix asap

@ghostblade1982 I can perhaps help. There aren’t any system issues at the moment but there may be 1) a problem specific to your account or 2) maybe a misunderstanding of the API or web portal values you are looking at.

Could you give an example of the specific problem. When you say ‘the balance and equity stays constant no matter how many times I send the request’, which request are you making and which attributes in the response are looking at. Is this for a live or paper account?

Here is a python SDK example of how to fetch the current equity

import alpaca_trade_api as alpacaapi


# Get account details. The 'equity' attribute is the currrent equity
account_detail = api.get_account()
equity = account_detail.equity

The equity only updates if there is an updated ‘last price’ for one of the portfolios positions. Therefore, it won’t update outside of market + extended hours.

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply.
I’m using the Rest GetAccount API, a little background here, I have been using Alpaca API to trade for over a year now, it has been working fine only in the past 3 days it appears to be broken. On Friday it seems to be working most of the time during market open hours and then not working throughout the extended hours. Thanks!

Also, the dashboard on my account page shows the exact same result so this is for sure a service issue.

And now it has gotten worse to the point that I can’t even place trades:

Yes, my equity amount appears frozen outside of market hours, also.

Thank you everyone for posting here. The Alpaca engineering team has identified the issue and is working on a fix. No ETA but it is high priority and should be soon. As a workaround, one can calculate their own equity and fetch prices using the v2 data (ensure you use the Unlimited data and not the limited Free data) or 3rd party data. Those are correct.

i think it was me i was doing some htf stuff

my account balance is 26,000 but my buying power is listed at 0. Why is that?