Account Equity, Buying Power, Cash not matching website vs API call

Hi All,

I have an API call to check account fund information for the Account Equity, Buying Power, and Cash. For the last 20+ minutes, though this information has changed, the information has been stale in my program and is not reflecting most recent balance account information that is displayed on the website.

This is currently using a Paper Trading Account:

Website says:
Equity: $3007.94
Buying Power: $3,844.71
Cash: 836.77

API Call says:
Equity: $3001.77
Buying Power: $3902.38
Cash: 900.61

Is there a reason I am not getting a timely update or for the data to match to what is being shown on the website via the API calls?

Get account info

account = api.get_account()

Thank you.

There appears to be an outage at the moment, which is frustrating. My numbers haven’t changed for over an hour so no trades are happening through the API, for me. The website below mentions the outage.

Ugh. Okay Thank you Erin! I will keep this in mind to check for the future. I will re-evaluate this again tomorrow and determine whether I still have an an issue with it or if I can close.


Hey Erin, just a quick question if you may know. Is there a way we can call parts of the System Status? For instance, if the market API is down, then I want to stop operations until resolved. Do we have an ability for that?

I’m not seeing anything, but I’m new out here. I suppose creating something that checks the timestamps for recent activity in get_bars might do the trick. If you find something though, post here, I’d love to know!