Account showing loss when should be gain

Currently, my account shows a loss of .14% (approx $150). However, when I add up the transactions from today’s activities I should be UP $141.11. What’s going on?

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 9.27.57 AM

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 9.27.49 AM

@Graypes Hi there! If the only transactions are the ones listed above, I added them up and it shows a loss.

Looks like at 9:02am you bought 652 shares for a total of $19,983.604
You exit this 9:06am selling 652 shares for a total of $19,788.2
So after this entry and exit you lost $195.404

At 9:07am you get into a position for a total of $40,000
At 9:09am you exit this position for a total of $40,055.732
So after this you made a profit of $55.732

After all this you should be down $139.672.

According to the 1st chart at 7:35am you had $101,299.53
According to the 2nd chart at 9:27am you had $101,159.86
So $101,299.53 - $101,159.86 = $139.67

How are you adding up the transactions?

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You are correct, sir! I had a problem in my code that was including transactions from the previous day. Thanks for taking the time to work through this!!

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Also, Alpaca does charge transaction fees they are just no clearly stated anywhere and are taken at the end of trading day (so next days balance is adjusted, and they retrospectively adjust the graph for yesterday). For about 100k in transaction volume they charge like $100 or so. (you can see exact transaction fee all the way at bottom of daily settlement pdf in the account)

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