Account linking to Capital One Failing


I recently joined Alpaca and I am trying to transfer money from my capital one account to Alpaca, I have linked my account 3 times now and attempted to transfer money and everytime the account link fails and my transfer is rejected, although I go through the process of linking and entering my credentials and code sent to me by the bank on SMS. Is there any other way to transfer money to for trading? seems like the account linking feature is very flaky.

I am having the same issue, but with a different bank. I registered a few days ago, used plaid to link the bank, initiated a transfer and afterwards, nothing.

Searched the forum, saw that Alpaca only uses ACH for transfers, so unlinked, to link it via ACH. After unlinking, realized that plaid is the only option to link.

I am stuck.

You can access ACH account linking by searching for a non plaid supported bank in the search bar, the search will exhaust and show you a button for ACH.

Not sure why Alpaca has buried this option so deep. Guess they want everyone to use plaid.

I have submitted ACH request for my bank but still waiting for deposits. Fingers crossed.

Same thing happened to me untill after I got approved for an alpaca account then everything worked