Terrible Support: Plaid Integration not working

I wanted to get others thoughts here. I want to deposit money into my live account, however the new UI for depositing has never worked for me.

I tried the old UI and now I have a $-25 balance on my account. How does it even go negative. Support has been entirely useless and its been 2 weeks and I have only got 1 email saying I need to deposit money, even though in my email I clearly stated I did.

Any ideas on how to get this rectified?

@Kutoo1 I can perhaps help. What is the support ticket number? I can get a bit of background and then follow up.

@Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca thanks for the quick followup. The case number is 96892

@Kutoo1 I found the support ticket and your latest deposit. The deposit is in a status of QUEUED which is odd. I’ve contacted the Cashiering team to look into it. If you don’t hear anything respond here and I’ll follow up again.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

@Kutoo1 It seems like there is an error/issue with your bank connection. Could you 1) delete your existing bank and then 2) add it back. When you have re-linked your bank then re-submit the deposit. That may fix the problems.

I have tried this already.

  1. Linking to the bank account doesn’t work with Plaid. To help debug, every single call to “https://app.alpaca.markets/internal/accounts/:id/plaid/link/token” returns a 500 status.
  2. On the old UI, unlinking does not work. API also is returning a 500: “https://app.alpaca.markets/internal/accounts/:id/relationships/:id
  3. Since I can’t unlink the account, I can’t link a new one.

@Kutoo1 Thank you for the debug details. Very helpful. I’ll forward this to one of our UI engineers. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

I posted this thread to the support staff, and their response was ‘the deposit was canceled.’ This is weaponized incompetence on the support staff’s side.

All they need to do is unlink my bank account because I cannot do it due to broken API’s on Alpaca’s side.

I appreciate you @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca helping me out, but please instruct the support staff with action items to resolve this, as they clearly are incapable/do not want to figure this out.

I have the same problem, sent message to @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca on slack.

@Anthony_Samuel The place to get any direct account related issues resolved is by sending an email to support@alpaca.markets. They have access to systems for troubleshooting issues which others don’t. When contacting support ensure 1) you include the account number and if it’s regarding a live or paper account and 2) a brief description of the problem including screenshots if that could help.

I followed up with your request and waiting for support. Apologies for the inconvenience.