Can't withdraw funds

Hello. Shortly - I can’t withdraw funds from my Alpaca account and get no support.

First I tried to withdraw to my linked Wise account, which I used to top-up before. Transfer failed and in the email message with the failure report I saw that Alpaca attempted to send money to an account number, which differs from mine. I know that Plaid integration allows to have actual account details, but it something did not work on Alpaca side and I was charged $25 for the money return back to Alpaca account.

After that I started to dig into the issue and found that I can’t even see in the web UI that some account is linked. When I switched to the old web UI I found there that I really do have Wise US account linked, but no credentials were given. Later I tried (mostly useless) iOS app and surprisingly found not just last digits of a connected account number, but also a possibility to reconnect it.

After a re-linking a bank account I am still not able to withdraw - both in the web and on mobile I get an error that my account is blocked for outgoing transfers. I have also tried to use the other two withdraw methods with the same result. WTF?!

The worst thing in this story is that I have already written 3 emails to Alpaca support in the last 2 weeks and got no answer! Alpaca is a great service but my trust credits are almost over.

I was advised to use live chat to reach the support team faster, but it does not even allow manual text input anymore and there is no choice to chat with a human. What’s happening to Alpaca?

@alexx The only way to resolve funding issues is through Alpaca support at They have visibility into accounts and can resolve withdrawal problems and are generally very responsive. That said, what is the ticket number of your support request? I can check if there are any issues with the ticket and perhaps prioritize it.

@Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca, I don’t know what is the ticket number, I never got a single answer. I will PM you re email sender details.

@Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca Dan, it looks like I have no PM permissions yet… My Alpaca email (and the email I sent all requests from) is the same as in this forum.

@alexx One should always get a response from support. There is an initial automated message that gets returned with the ticket number. Sometimes however incoming support emails can get sent to ‘junk’ by the spam filters. Let me know the email address and I can check.

@Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca Unfortunately, nothing related was received… I even checked the mail server logs. I regularly get marketing emails from Alpaca though. And I also got automated messages when I initiated a transfer and another one when it failed. So I guess my messages could go to spam or some other blackhole on Alpaca side.

@alexx If you let me know the email address the support request was sent from I can check if it may have accidentally ended up in an Alpaca spam folder.

@Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca Dan, I do not want to write it publicly, but as I wrote above it is the same as in my profile in this forum. Can’t you see it?

@Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca Dan, can you please PM me, so I will give you my email address and other details if required?

@alexx Apologies, I don’t have access to your direct email. Send me a note at and I can then do some checking.

@Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca Sent.

@alexx Thank you. Got it. One thing I see that may be an issue with your original email was that it was sent to but then cc’d to

I’m getting your request routed now, but as a test, could you send an email to Enter the subject as “test for Dan Whitnable” and also include “test for Dan Whitnable” in the body. Thank you for your patience.

@Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca I already did resent the same request to in a few days after the first email (on 18th of Dec). And just sent a test.

P.S. I have received automatic replies with 4 different ticket numbers for my older messages. And the fifth for the test. Looks like there was a “jam” in the support mailbox :slight_smile: Thank you for your help, Dan!