Withdrawal Issues

I have started my withdrawal request on 27th May 2022, have had several email interactions with support but until now its not being resolved.

I am withdrawing the funds to the same account which I sent the money from, but ALPACA is coming back to me with a error saying wrong account number, How come ?

when alpaca received the money from this account it was correct number and they got the funds but when it comes to withdrawal to same account they are saying wrong number!

When I asked the swift message copy, they don’t provide the full swift copy in which it will show my account details, Don’t know what’s going on, is ALPACA holding the clients money and don’t want to release?

I had several tickets 51844, 52705, 56788, 58137, 59066

Can someone get me the proper swift copy of the transfer so that I can get in touch with my bank to find the real problem, in this way ALPACA will also prove that they are not trying hold the clients money.

Hoping to receive a quick response

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If you find a way to get your money out please let me know. I am also struggling to withdraw my own cash.

Hi was this resolved? This is very concerning

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Did this ever get resolved? What process worked for you?

yes, i was able to resolve, after numerous emails they did transfer, though they deducted transfer charges twice or thrice which never happened but anyways i got the money

Glad to hear it.

What email address did you correspond with?