Account deleted with no access to funds - PLEAE HELP

I was trying to get my funds out of my account unsuccessfully for a while, the customer support is not helpful answering very short answers and actually provide solutions.

After my last help request I got an email that my account will be closed but the funds were not transferred back to me.

Is there any way to actually talk to someone that can help? Is there any federal agency I can contact for help?

I really liked Alpaca up to this happening but having money stuck on account which you have no one you can talk to for help is really bad experience I’m now trying to get the money out for more than a month with no one to talk to.


It is actually quite disturbing to see. I am hoping that someone will help you as soon as possible. I am only replying here to highlight this issue.

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This is really scary. It could happen to any one of us. Does Alpaca send an email as to explain why they shut your account?


This is the email I got, no explanation, all the support emails response are very short with no specific help offered, only general references to the documentation. I will share later as well.

Thank you. I do need help :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.

My next step will be to complain to FINRA I guess and try to make a buzz on social media. I never imagined this thing could happen, I was really enjoying Alpaca up to that point. Having your money locked and now disappearing with no one to talk to is really not the behavior you expect from a company that wants to be a leading API broker.

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still no response 5 days later, its the same for the other inquiries I will share them as well later.

Hi @007,

Sorry about your experience. I am not sure why this happened but if you can share your email address/account ID in the DM, I can check it out.

In the meantime, kindly join our slack community to stay up to date on this.

I just received the funds today into my account.

My account is still closed apparently it was flagged (I haven’t made any transaction in few months which is weird).

I still pretty shocked from the way things played out so I will probably will not used the Alpaca again but at least I got my money back!

Finally, I am very happy to see that you have received your funds.

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