When I click on 'Dashboard' the screen goes blank. Looks like new format. I am unable to enter an order in the live account

When I clicked on Dashboard this morning, I guess it replaces ‘Overview’. The screen goes blank, and I do not seesaw to enter an order…

Same problem here when using Safari. I tried Chrome and it works ok.

Hello! The fix for this just went live. Please try logging in again and let me know how it goes!

Stil have this problem. Attached image is how the screen looks like… the month and other settings work fine. The daily one no longer shows the curve.

hi Ram! This is great feedback. We are still pushing out improvements for the dashboard (and the portfolio chart) so keep any eye out for new changes the next few weeks.

The chart you are seeing in the screenshot was probably captured before market open, that’s why you see a straight line for your equity. Our 1D charts begin at 04:00:00 EST (4AM) and renders across the whole x-axis. Since the market hasn’t opened yet, your equity is constant until market (or extended hours) opens when your positions start changing in value.

What we are going to do next is render this 1D chart live, as the day progresses, to make your equity relative to the hour of the day clearer.