Paper overview / orders are down?

While I’m able to buy and sell all the overview pages in the website are still empty.

Is that a known issue today? it was working fine yesterday.

It still happens, the paper overview page works only for one day after I reset it.

Does any one else have this issue?

There isn’t any known outage which would cause the paper-trading web page to be blank. The issue may be with your browser either storing an old authorization key and/or caching old pages. Try clearing your browser cache.

Can you log into your account from a fresh log in page? Go to and enter your credentials. If so, are you seeing a blank screen? Perhaps share a screen shot of what you do see.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks for the help!

I tried removing all cookies and logging again and the problem still occur.


I’m able to buy / sell but when asking for today orders I get an empty list through the API as well.

My first hunch is that you are not using the correct/most recent API keys. But, let’s try some troubleshooting…

If there is nothing special in your paper trading account try resetting it. Click the “reset” button next to 'Equity". A pop up will appear asking for the starting balance. Type in $100,000. The screen should refresh and the Equity should go to $100,000. If it doesn’t, what happens? Does the ‘refresh’ spinner just spin? This shouldn’t happen though. More than likely, the screen will refresh with no orders and an equity of $100,000.

Now, before doing anything, click on “View” next to “Your API Keys”. Copy both the API key and the Secret Key and put them in a safe place. This is the only time one can view the secret key. Paste those values into the key constants in your algo. Any previous keys will be invalid (sort of). The previous keys still point to the previous account. Resetting an account actually just creates a new account. It doesn’t really delete the old one. This can be confusing (I know) because some of the API calls like “orders” and “account” still seem to work but they are for the OLD account. Use the new keys to get the new account details.

Now go back to the webpage. Try manually entering an order for 1 share of SPY. It should go through immediately and show up in your portfolio. Now use the API to check for ‘positions’. It should show the 1 share of SPY.

Does all that work? If so, it was the keys that somehow got mis-matched. If not, hmm, we’ll need to do some more troubleshooting.

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Thanks for the info, now thinking about it I might have ran the logic from a cmd window which had the old keys in the environment and forgot to reload the environment.

Sorry about the hassle and thanks again for the fast support!

No problem. Glad you got it working. If you ever see odd things with differences between the API and the web portal, check to ensure the API is using the most recent keys. Regenerate them if necessary. Common issue that everyone has done once.

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