Alpaca Paper Trading Down?

I’ve had “request timed out” exceptions on all API buys/sells for the last 30 minutes. I’m also not able to manually place a buy/sell order through the alpaca website on the paper trading. I get the error “Failed to submit order \n request body format is invalid” Is this an issue on the Paper Trading side? Or both Paper and Live sides? The status page ( continues to say everything is “Operational.” I’m working on an algo that trades through Alpaca, but I might have to move to another broker’s API if this is the service level to expect.

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Have this as well…

What’s going on? This is concerning to say the least.

Yup, I have the same error.

Same. Still not working…

+1 to paper API not working. This should be reflected on the :unamused:


Same here. Not working.

Can anyone confirm if this is also happening outside of the paper trading?

I’m asking because I’ve never strayed outside of the paper trading API, but I am trying to place an order or check existing orders (outside of paper trading) and I am receiving an empty JSON response.

Paper trading is down for me as well, definitely disappointing to see the status page not reflect this:

Received a response via email and through the Slack channel:

[Hitoshi Harada (Alpaca)]: We are seeing some delay in paper trading side

same here. paper account not working

I was just able to connect and send some orders to my paper account a few seconds ago, just an update.

looks like it’s back up. it was down from around 10:15 AM - 11:36 AM CDT.

Last 2 attempts at buying through paper trading gave me a request time out error; same as earlier. Anyone else?

Placing limit order, but it gets filled at market rate.

yall sound like your sending to meany request to fast, every thing for me worked for today

Incorrect. Alpaca support verified that paper trading was down today, so it wasn’t anything we were doing wrong. I was averaging 1-2 buy/sell orders per minute. The rate limit is 200 per minute and even when that’s reached, it gives a HTTP 429 “The rate limit is 200 requests per every minute per API key”. The issue today was a timeout message.

my paper trading was fine same with live

And you made paper trades between 10:15 AM and 11:36 AM CDT?

Does anyone know if this sort of thing happens on live trading? I experienced this problem yesterday on my paper account, which made for a rather large loss because my algo couldn’t do anything. I’ve been planning to go live soon but if I have to worry about big hiccups then that’s a big problem…

Yesterday’s issue was only on paper trading. But I have the same apprehension as you. I am working on my algo and worried about putting it into production if there will be similar issues.

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