Very very bad just because i signup and did not complete kyc in 30 days

I am not able to use my email id. they are asking to create a new email address and signup again.

why can not you restart the KYC process again?
I forgot the account when my friend told me about it now they are asking to do the signup again with a different email id.

do they really know how bad are people at maintaining different email ids
40x40 Radzi Purba (AlpacaDB, Inc.)

Jan 12, 2023, 1:40 AM EST

Hi Sakthiuma

Thanks for reaching out to Alpaca Support.
I can see a note from Account Team, it was rejected because we have been waiting for more than 30 days, for you to complete the onboarding process.

I have not used the account or traded anything just signed up because my friend told me.

now account

Your account is in REJECTED status. Your brokerage application cannot be accepted at the moment.

who will a new person know all this rules ?