Attempting to sign up for a live trading account


I’m from the UK - attempting to setup a live trading account. I get all the way to the last screen, where it returns the error message:

Please contact support: id:b0a6eebd-50fb-47b5-adc9-a2d5860fcab3 error:422 Unprocessable Entity

Can anyone help, please?

Alex :slight_smile:

Anyone, please?

The message I get on the documents’ screen is: Could not create Applicant for KYC. This is before I’m able to add my documents. Seems a bit strange. I’ve never had trouble signing up for similar platforms before.

Alex :slight_smile:

Alex, I also had a problem signing up for a UK account. I changed the email address I was using to a gmail one (signed up again) and it worked fine.

Thanks J