Updated to unlimited data but still getting limits

I upgraded to the unlimited data thing for $9 per month. I was wondering how long until it goes into effect? I’m trying to run a program that uses many tickers and I’m still getting the:

sleep 3 seconds and retrying https://data.alpaca.markets/v1/bars/day 3 more time(s)…

So does it take a certain amount of time, or is there something I have to do? I created a new api key, and this is for backtrading (historical data) on paper account, not live.

I do have data_feed=‘iex’ in my code (I’m using Alpaca Backtrader API) but having trouble figuring out what to change it to

I think I might be using v1…do I have to use v2 with the unlimited plan? My whole thing was all written over a year ago…anyone know how to convert it all from v1 to v2??

Could really use some help if anyone knows what’s going on here…

I had to uninstall alpaca_trade_api then reinstall

iex is for free plans use sip