Unable to download full historical data, unlimited data subscription


I am still getting data from ‘IEX’ only and not all exchanges even after a premium data subscription.
The account currently is for Paper trading and associated API Keys.
BARS_URL = ‘https://data.alpaca.markets/v2/stocks
bars_5min = client.get_bars(“SPY”, ‘5Min’, “2022-04-29”, “2022-04-29”).df

|2022-04-29 08:00:00+00:00|425.51|426.28|425.51|426.22|3329|62|426.090697|
|2022-04-29 08:05:00+00:00|426.27|426.27|426.00|426.27|649|13|426.189769|
|2022-04-29 08:10:00+00:00|426.29|426.39|426.28|426.34|8273|39|426.344080|
|2022-04-29 08:15:00+00:00|426.39|426.48|426.32|426.40|1581|22|426.392271|
|2022-04-29 08:20:00+00:00|426.21|426.24|425.91|425.92|9977|34|425.953555|

Can anyone advise if there is something that I am missing?

Try to reset the paper account and/or regenerate API keys. I’ve subscribed to data a long time ago but AFAIR without these steps subscription change will not affect paper accounts.

I just did that and it worked. I wish it I knew it was as simple as resetting my account.