Turbotax integration not working?

I’m unclear on the status of Turbo Tax integration for Alpaca. I have been unable to import (error 103).

This FAQ entry would suggest that turbo tax is supported for 2021 tax year.

The referenced “Alpaca Securities LLC Securities” does not appear on the turbotax site, though “Alpaca Securities” does.

I have also received an email from alpaca claiming turbotax is supported.

The only financial institution labeled alpaca on turbotax seems to reference apex. Some reading suggests this is an older clearing firm and only supported on ‘legacy accounts’ - whatever that is. “That didn’t work. Try signing in again. (103)” is the result from trying the “Alpaca Securities” entry in turbotax.

Alpaca’s communication on if this is even supported at all right now is a bit unclear. If it is supported, maybe it’s broken?

They are working on it: https://status.alpaca.markets/

Confirmed; when attempting to import in turbotax, it asks for alpaca account number and taxpayer ssn/tax id. Entered those in correctly it, it says
“Alpaca Securities: Signon information provided has failed authentication.” Guess i’m entering all this stuff by hand? Definitely will not trade with alpaca in 2022.

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Same experience here with Alpaca and TurboTax… considering the potential for moderate/high trading rates, how painful this will be to input everything by hand into turbotax. How many days is it now that they have been “working on it”? Breathtakingly unimpressive support and prep on their product & eng side for an event that happens every year at the same time, with exactly the same requirements, and after all, is an integration they claim to offer. The whole basis of their platform is integration of brokerage with our algorithms yet integration with turbotax is beyond them. Weak sauce.