Not able to import tax forms from Alpaca to TurboTax

I’m trying to import my tax documents from Alpaca to turbo tax, but it keeps showing errors.

Is there anyone who can successfully import Alpaca tax form to turbo tax?


I have the same issue. Error: “Signon information provided has failed authentication” I tryed using account numbers from 1099 B as well as the one in my alpaca profile. For some reason these are different account numbers and none on them works. Alpaca, please advise…

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Same here. I also tried both account numbers. I tried removing the dashes from the account number. I even tried old instructions from 2019 of using “Apex Clearing” instead of Alpaca Markets. Nothing worked.

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You need to create an account on apex clearing website and give apex clearing login information in turbotax.

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Ok, it’s good to know we need an apex clearing account. When creating an account at the apex site, we need to provide an account id. Where do we get that account id?