Turbo Tax integration


Do you offer Turbo Tax integration to import 1099-B, and the other tax forms?

Since at present you’re offering only “taxable” accounts, using algo-trading potentially is going to generate 1000s of trades, resulting in a very long 1099-B. Entering details for all these in Schedule-D by hand will be impractical.

Therefore, before starting I’ll like to know if you offer Turbo Tax integration, and if not at present, then will you be making it available in time prior to tax filing dead-line for Tax Year 2019?

~ Salil



I noticed in the “support” section, the Turbo Tax integration is already present, therefore there’s no need for me request a feature that’s already present !

~ Salil

Hello Salil, I asked Alpaca today and they said they dont have any tax integration
I am also concerned about manually entering several thousand orders into Schedule-D
How are you filling your taxes?

I found this article: Day Trading Taxes - Complete Tax Guide For Traders • Benzinga
There is specialized software to help on this particular topic

Just came across https://www.form8949.com/ I have not tried them yet.

did you find a solution for how to do the annual report for tax preparation ?

does anyone knows about a platform similar to Alpaca that supports day trading documentation in better way? so that preparing tax related forms will not be a complicated time consuming task

Hi everyone!

For the 2021 tax year we’re looking to provide our users with either 1099 composite,1099- MISC, 480.6 A-D and/or 1042-S depending on the user.

We’re also looking to have our integration with TurboTax ready for filing this year!