Stock I did not trade in suddenly shows in my portfolio with big losses

Stock I did not trade in suddenly showed in my portfolio with a big loss.
There is not history record of me buying this stock, it just showed this morning in my account.

My trades are done using a software, with a fix set of symbols. the stock that appeared on my account is not one of those being traded, or was it ever in that list.

I looked at the “Orders” tab in my account, there is no record of me ever buying this stock.

how to contact Alpaca about this ?

This is the result of a cash and stock merger of ZNGA with TTWO

Hi @youdar,

Sorry about your experience. Sometimes, symbols are renamed for one reason or the other.
In your case, I presume that was what happened.

If you can let me know the symbol in question, as well as your email address/account ID, I could help you troubleshoot.

An easy way to contact Alpaca is by sending an email to or joining our slack community.

Yes, the issue was that the ZNGA stock was acquired by Take-Two, and it took time for the payment that was a part of this acquisition process to get into my account, so I suddenly saw a stock I did not buy, and the value of the account value suddenly dropped. A little alarming…
Thank you for following up