Funds Withdrawn ACATC

I was just looking over my recent account activity, and some money was withdrawn a couple weeks ago. It just says ACATC. I didn’t request a transfer, so I’m not sure how to get this fixed. Help?

Does anyone know if Alpaca has a fraud dept? Need to get in touch with them ASAP. This seems to have happened with my account at another brokerage as well. Would like to talk to somebody about it.

same here. Who could we reach out to?

I emailed support. They just keep telling me this was expected as part of the switch in broker dealers. Supposedly, even though there’s a debit showing up, my balance didn’t change at that time (at least that’s what they keep telling me). I haven’t done a full autopsy to figure out if that is true, but I will at some point over the next week.

Could it be Credit/Margin Interest? Alpaca puts it on the statement as Withdrawals.

No, I was not trading on margin at the time the withdrawal happened. Alpaca customer service has told me this was caused by the switch in broker dealers, but that my balance should not have gone down.

Followup: I have confirmed that my cash balance did not actually decrease, even though there is a withdrawal of a couple hundred dollars listed. I still think it’s really weird to show a negative transaction, but I guess it’s OK.