ACH withdraw cancelled

My ACH withdraws are cancelled several times by server side, WHY?
I have emailed to the support for this issue, and no respond!!!

Please resolve this issue

hello! do you have a support ticket i can take a look at?

No, I sent an email, no respond. where can I send ticket?

I did another withdraw, it was cancelled again! send me an email directly, I can send you my account number for you to follow up

@sonny8huang In general, please email all account specific questions/issues to That will ensure privacy but also will get the request tracked and routed to the correct Alpaca team.

I did however find your account and the withdrawals. Withdrawals need to be made to the bank which originally funded the account. In this case the withdrawal(s) was rejected because it was going to a different bank than the one which the initial, or last, deposit was made from.

The best/easiest way to resolve issues like this is to re-link to the original bank then request the withdrawal to that original bank.

Thank you for quick respond, Dan! That explains! However why this restriction? If there IS this restriction, there was NO document and the system NEVER restrict to unlink the original bank and link to different bank! There has got to be much more clear in document and return instant error message to user when there is a restriction in place!

Regarding my own issue, that is ok! I am relink the original bank and try it again! Thx Dan and Mahmoud!

Dan, I’m having the same problem. I created a ACH withdraw on the 18th and it was rejected WITHOUT any email/notice.

I am using the SAME EXACT bank account I used to deposit in the past.

Can you please check?

Account 588254069

I actually NEED my money.

@Daniele_Sala It appears you requested a withdrawal on Jan 18, 2023 which was cancelled because there weren’t ‘settled’ funds available for the withdrawal. You may have sold some securities and then immediately requested to withdraw the proceeds? There is a 2 day settle time before funds settle and actually get credited to the account and therefore are available for withdrawal. That two days has passed. It appears you requested another withdrawal on Jan 24, 2023. That is in a “pending” state but there isn’t anything obvious why it shouldn’t go through.

Dan, can you help me with an OUT from Alpaca ACAT?
I’m transferring some funds back to RobinHood, and it required Broker DTC and account number. I tried with ATC = 3856, but then for the account RH requires 17 digits… Can you please help me out?

@Daniele_Sala It looks like @Allen_Alpaca answered your question in your other post. The account number should be your 9 digit account number with a prefix of 1PS (eg if your account number is 123456789 then enter 1PS123456789).

I’m not exactly sure why Robinhood would require a 17 digit number for the delivering account. That could be any random brokerage account and every broker uses different numbering schemes? Maybe that’s just the max?