Questions around market orders

I’ve got one question and one feature request.

A) When sending a market order during a market down time, will that order be filled once the market opens after 24 hours? So it’s a time_in_force: 'day' so my intuition says if I place an order on Saturday it won’t fill the following Monday morning or any time after 24 hours, but is that actually true or is the 24hr counter only counting against live market hours?

B) Can we please get the ability to PATCH fractional market orders? So the ability to update the notional parameter.

I’m building a DCA service and most folks will just set their schedule to once a day or twice per week and won’t necessarily care or account for weekends or closed market days. So depending on how the “day” tif param actually works and how I can best replace orders will determine my best course of action moving forward.