How do you trade in extended hours with Alpaca?

Hi Alpaca community, When I try to trade during the acceptable extended market hours of 9:00 AM to 9:30 and 4:00 PM to 6:00 on Trading View, the order doesn’t go through because it says it’s not during market hours. I looked on the alpaca documents page under extended hours trading, and it said, “you need to supply a boolean parameter named extended_hours to your order request. By setting this parameter as true, the order is will be eligible to execute in the pre-market or after-hours”. That didn’t help me at all, so I emailed Alpaca support and they redirected me here, but I still couldn’t find out how to do it. I don’t know how to code very well and I’m not completely sure where to even code on Alpaca, so could someone tell me where, how and what the process of trading in premarket with Trading View looks like? Thanks guys.

Go to your “Overview” page on the Alpaca website and place your order there. You must specify “Limit” for order type, and then for Time In Force, select “DAY + EXT”. Kind of awkward, yeah, but that is one way. You can of course script this, too. But if you are trading via the TradingView interface, there is no means of placing an extended hours order from there. Extended hours, unfortunately, are not extended very much, though. I wish they did it like IB and other brokerages that have trading from 0400 to 2000. And yeah it would be nice to have that function exposed in TradingView.

You must specify “Limit” for order type, and then for Time In Force, select “DAY + EXT”.

Any idea why market orders don’t support DAY+EXT?

Because market orders are not accepted outside Regular Trading Hours.

Hi how to put an extended hours order/ aplaca on trading view?
I use paper trading

You can’t. You have to go to the Alpaca portal.

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