Issues with alpaca-py instead of alpaca-trading-api for trading in the extended hours

Hi, I decided to change an app that worked very well with alpaca-trading-api for the new sdk, alpaca-py. When I want to place an order during the extended hours with alpaca-py with the following line of code:

client = TradingClient('APIKEY', 'SECRET_KEY')
req = MarketOrderRequest(symbol='AAPL', limit_price=140, qty=2, type='limit', side=OrderSide.BUY, time_in_force=TimeInForce.DAY, extended_hours=True )

I get this error:

APIError: {"code":42210000,"message":"extended hours order must be DAY limit orders"}

I have chosen the right parameters, my code seems correct, could someone help me, thank you in advance

@sumptercha I’m getting the same error. Did you find a fix for this?