Full extended hours

Hi guys,

Are there any plans in the foreseeable future to support full extended hours trading (4am to 8pm)? I see that new orders cannot be placed between 6pm and 8pm, so I’m hoping that’s segue to full extended hours?



I have the same question. Some strategies rely heavily on extended hour trading. Would love to see Alpaca support full sessions.

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Understood. It is not a day job but we will work on that. Are you currently trading in extended hours and expand to wider time range or your strategy does not work unless we support full extended hours?

In my case it is the former: I trade during regular and extended hours but rely heavily from the increased volatility outside regular hours. So full extended hours would make a huge difference for my algorithm.

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In my case, it’s both. extended hours often provide nice dip buy opportunities and also nice selling opportunities at news spike.

Me and my friends are also looking for a full extended hours trading platform as well (4am to 8pm EST).

@hitoshi You guys have a great platform but not having full extended hours is unfortunately a deal breaker for me.

If you guys can offer that, I’d be grateful!

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Thank you for the great feedback and it’s good to know that’s a deal breaker for you. We’ll work on it.

Hi @hitoshi, do you perhaps have any updates on full extended trading hours? Thanks!