Full extended hours

Hi guys,

Are there any plans in the foreseeable future to support full extended hours trading (4am to 8pm)? I see that new orders cannot be placed between 6pm and 8pm, so I’m hoping that’s segue to full extended hours?



I have the same question. Some strategies rely heavily on extended hour trading. Would love to see Alpaca support full sessions.

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Understood. It is not a day job but we will work on that. Are you currently trading in extended hours and expand to wider time range or your strategy does not work unless we support full extended hours?

In my case it is the former: I trade during regular and extended hours but rely heavily from the increased volatility outside regular hours. So full extended hours would make a huge difference for my algorithm.


In my case, it’s both. extended hours often provide nice dip buy opportunities and also nice selling opportunities at news spike.

Me and my friends are also looking for a full extended hours trading platform as well (4am to 8pm EST).

@hitoshi You guys have a great platform but not having full extended hours is unfortunately a deal breaker for me.

If you guys can offer that, I’d be grateful!

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Thank you for the great feedback and it’s good to know that’s a deal breaker for you. We’ll work on it.

Hi @hitoshi, do you perhaps have any updates on full extended trading hours? Thanks!

Hi @hitoshi
Are there any updates?
I’m leaving Robinhood for good, and I’m thinking to leave Webull as well.
I only have Webull because they offer full extended hours.
I just discovered, you guys offer tradingview integration, which is a huuuuge plus for me.
Please let us know from the updates, thank you!

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Great, very glad to know you love TradingView! We are working very closely to bring the best experiences. Yeah we understand the full extended hours support is definitely needed, but it’s not just to flip a switch. We are working on it!

Hi Hitoshi! New to the forum, new to Alpaca. Trading via TradingView. I was with IB for a bit over a year and got interested in algo trading and python but right now still on TradingView. Anyway I, too, would love to see trading hours opened up. Just as an example I am underfunded for day trading and already had three day trades within the previous 5 days and I was idly watching TQQQ and as I watched it fall I got thinking about amusing myself paper trading SQQQ. I didn’t notice I was live, and loaded the boat with SQQQ. My fault on that, it was right there in front of me but anyway so I resigned myself to holding SQQQ overnight. At the 0400 break, the price spiked and I would have loved to have been able to sell there, taking over $100 profit on my little $2k account, but alas, can’t trade until 0900. I should still see a profit on this accidental trade, but not as much as if I had been able to sell early. Post market hours would be nice, but premarket especially nice, and we only get a half hour jump on the opening bell. Meh. So I am waiting with much anticipation and eagerness for wide open extended hours trading, like I enjoyed at IB. Thanks! Great job, so far. Really liking what I can do with TradingView and my custom indicators, and looking forward to doing some useful coding!

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Thank you for the big voice! It is a great user stroy :slight_smile: We are working on that.

@hitoshi I second this request for full extended hours. Is this in plan for this year?

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Any update on this?
I’m requesting for full extended hours or I’ll keep my big money at Webull. Is this in plan for this year?

Guy, you need to do this now!

Well, I am tired of waiting for this, for trailing stops, and many other things that are necessary for day and swing trading. After seeing the difference in the handling of stock splits between IB and Alpaca, I am gradually moving most of my money to my IB account where I can enjoy a lot of the benefits of a more mature brokerage. I will still keep a small account here to have a place to play around with python but my real trading will be elsewhere for now. I may be back once I have earned enough with IB to maintain two fully funded day trading accounts. Right now I only have enough to put the IB account over the PDT threshhold, leave a token amount in Alpaca, and still have a decent cushion at IB to prevent dipping down below the PDT line. Last year my biggest win was an overnight long position on BYND and I sold at I think around 0545, and the stock tumbled at 0630, and if I had been stuck in it until 0900, instead of a $2600 win, I would have taken a small loss. Extended hours are a necessity for serious trading. For millennials playing stock market blackjack with their income tax refund, not a big deal, maybe.

I am also unfortunately going to have to move my account to IB or some other brokerage that offers full extended hours trading. Swing trades can make massive moves at the start of premarket and I need to be able to take profit before the move gets out of control in either direction. Please please please let us know if there is some sort of ETA for when you think full extended hour support might be available.



Yeah we need full extended. I’m losing over $5k per day because I need an easy API with longer hours. I can only do but so much with We Bull, and I don’t like IB at all.

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I also rely on extreme volatility in my algo, so the only broker I would consider switching to right now (from robinhood) is WeBull, as they appear to support full hours. Otherwise, I have no motivation to move off of RH’s api and take portfolio / trading downtime, as it works fine and the fills are good. Full PM/AH would be a huge advantage, and I would move my account over pretty much immediately if this feature was added.

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I would just like to reiterate that this is important. When I recently switched off of Robinhood I moved to TDA instead of alpaca despite it requiring much, much more work because my backtests showed almost 30% better returns when allowed to trade full pre-market and after hours.

@hitoshi I have been running on TDA for over a week now and can confidently say that the benefits are very real, I am able to place nearly 20% more profitable orders in the real world with full extended hours.

It is worth noting that extended pre-market is much more important than extended after hours. I am seeing almost 10x the profitable opportunities during the 2 hours prior to Alpaca pre-market open than the 2 hours after the Alpaca after-hours close. (This is in the context of small-cap stocks, fyi)