Full extended hours!

Good news!

Bracket Orders are still not supported in extended hours?

What could be the closest alternative that is equivalent to a bracket order that works with extended hours, using any other order type?

I think that’s because of the inherent liquidity issues with EH trading. You can only place limit orders to buy and sell during extended hours, so the stop loss component of a bracket order would not work. At least, that’s how I understand it (I’m not an expert).

EDIT: this is common for all brokerages that I’ve come across - not just Alpaca.

Yes, that makes sense. I remember placing bracket orders with IBKR with extended hours, though. Maybe only the take-profit leg would activate outside of market hours, cancelling the stop loss leg at the same time.

Could that behavior be reproduced with the order types supported by Alpaca? Placing a buy order with an attached take-profit order plus a stop loss order that cancels/is cancelled by the take-profit order?

I tried to use the full extended hours today, Feb 24 (in paper trading). My orders between 4-6 pm were accepted as usual but orders from 6-8 pm were rejected with the following message:

extended hours orders not allowed between 6:00pm and 8:00pm

The orders were placed through Python API v2. They were simple limit orders. Like I said, they worked before 6 pm but not after 6 pm. Have you actually rolled this feature out?

I’m actually having trouble with this too. Not the same error as you (my ET orders are accepted) but they are not getting filled (paper trading).

I placed several small buy orders for MULN and MMAT between 06:18am and 06:51am New York time. I did this correctly (both via the API and the web interface) and all were accepted. I set the limit price to be a fair bit higher than the current price, to ensure execution, but nothing so far.

Follow-up: those pre-market orders were all filled at 9am (NY time). So the new Extended Hours are not in effect it seems.

@Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca @mahmoud_alpaca @Abel_Alpaca - what are we missing here?

@maxks90 Full extended hours is supported in live trading. Paper trading isn’t supported yet. Working on it. No ETA but very soon. Sorry about the confusion.

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That’s disappointing, but thanks for clearing that up, Dan. Glad to hear it’s being worked on. Seems odd to not include the feature in paper trading at launch.

Hi @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca, it seems that full extended hours have now been enabled for paper accounts. Is this correct?