Portfolio value fluctuating with no open positions

Hi! I use Python to trade with Alpaca and thus far have not had any issues. Buys and sells complete successfully. However, I noticed something very very odd the last few days. After selling everything (i.e., portfolio is now COMPLETELY empty) I noticed the actual cash value Alpaca reports on the dashboard changed by as much as five cents over the next 12 hours, somewhat randomly. Is this known behavior?

Just to be clear, I have nothing purchased–there should be nothing affecting my overall cash value to my understanding.


@CalmQuokka One thing you may be seeing are regulatory fees. Those get debited from the account before markets open and are based upon the previous days trades. Check out the documentation here.

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This makes sense–thanks so much for the link! Is there any way within Alpaca to get a list of the actual charged fees/amounts and how it related to the trade volume? It would be nice to be able to keep track and quantify the fees alongside profit/loss.

@CalmQuokka In live accounts, all fees show up under activities in both the Web UI and also via the APIs. Unfortunately, there is a little bug in paper accounts where those fees get applied properly but they don’t show up in activities. So, in live accounts one cancertainly track those fees but paper accounts not so easily.

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I’m working on live right now so this is perfect :slight_smile: thanks so much Dan!