PLS HELP! Cancelling orders, orders status stuck in pending_cancel


my account 931191693, two orders are stuck in “pending_cancel” for a while, so my ALGO can not proceed…Manual cancelling didn’t succeed either.

order id :



Follow up! Eventually they went thro, it took about more than half an hour tho!

@sonny8huang Cancelling orders, especially after hours can take time. I checked the logs and these simply took ~21 minutes for the execution partner to respond with a cancelled message. One thing to be aware of is, if these orders were not extended hours orders, and one tried to cancel after market hours, there is a good chance the order would stay pending_cancel until the following day when markets open. Many execution partners are not open after market ours and therefore simply queue requests until the following day when they are open.

Ok, Thanks Dan! Thanks for your help and info!