Here We Go: Can't Cancel Again

Last time the order was missing and I had to drop all of my stock. This time, it’s been pending for over 10 mins and I am losing money.

ALL order types will not cancel, buy and sell.
It’s now been 15 minutes on one and 10 minutes on the other.
See pictures. At this rate, I may have to just stop using the API until you guys fix the bugs. I can’t afford to not be able to cancel an order.

Update - I sent an email to support and they were able to access. It took less than 20 minutes for them to handle it. At the moment, I don’t know why it happened but I am going to take a chill pill a relax. Thank goodness, I didn’t buy the amount of shares that I really wanted.

I will say this. We all may find many bugs, but at least the Alpaca team promptly responds to direct messages AND they are very friendly. Quite rare in the tech and fintech world.