Password Reset 2FA not working

Password Reset and 2FA api calls appear to not be working. Tried different browsers. I have submitted a ticket.


Hey, @Mike_Hartwig
Thank you for raising this.
I will check it and update you with the results.

Hello. I don’t have a 2FA and I can’t access Alpaca from anywhere this morning.

May I ask you to describe your case in more detail?

Hey! I get this message when I try to log in to “Login failed. Request failed with status code 405”

if you are still facing problems with the login, I would ask you to do a hard refresh on the page and potentially reset cookies.

@abdelali_nouina Several of our users have posted issues with getting a 405 error when trying to log into their web dashboard using Chrome. The issue stemmed from a pending update to Chrome. They were able to fix the problem by updating Chrome. Could that be it?