Paper Trading down?

Getting only “service unavailable” back since the last 20 minutes…sigh.

This shit really worries me as I’m close to going into production with my algo…


Of course the status page acts like everything is just fine…everybody having this issue?

experiencing same issue. Does this happen often?

Issue confirmed on status page now:

@trademan - it does happen once in a while, maybe once a week or two, but keep in mind that this is the paper trading system, and I have not moved my algo to prod use yet and can’t speak to that reliability.

thanks. I hope production is more robust

Same stupid issue, and also planning to go live next week, but now I’m pretty worried. This could end up costing a LOT of money if this happened in live trading…

edit: I can’t use the ‘close position’ feature, but it will let me submit and fill a sell order for the size of my position.

For what it’s worth, I seem to be back in business now…orders are filling.

Well, it WAS working for a bit…

I can confirm the issue was affecting live orders as well (though to a lesser extent) I had many botched orders on my paper account and only 1 failed order on my live.

That sucks. Sounds like it could suck worse, but it still sucks.