Paper Orders not trading today 10/28/20?

My system has placed Market BUY orders this morning and they have been accepted and in my Orders History queue with a status of ‘accepted’, but are not trading.

Any ideas what is going on?

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Same problem here. Manually canceling them from dashboard just sets them to Pending Cancel.

Same problem here, nothing is happening

Yep - same here. Then it must be an Alpaca paper-system issue. Good to know since I’ve checked everything here on my end and it should all be working…

What are you using to trade?

Same for me.

Same behavior if I place an order manually through the web interface.

Orders are accepted but not executed… Problem… If this is to happen with live $ system you would be a sitting duck waiting to be shot. I will Alpaca people can explain what is going on…

Looks like it finally starting processing orders at about 22 mins after the hour. Would not have been good in a live situation, I agree.

Affected both my Paper and Live accounts. Live order placed at 9:45 AM didn’t execute until 10:15.

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seems to be happening again

Agree. Looks like the orders have stopped processing about 30 mins ago.

I’m noticing that my buying power is the same as equity…normally it is 4x for daytrading…so their internal account system isn’t working. Does this happen in the live environment? That can’t ever happen…that is deal breaker for all traders.